Putting your words out there

My blog  has been quiet for the last few weeks. I have been submitting my own poems everywhere, tracking submissions and reading, writing comments and voting for poems submitted to a new poetry magazine called Sixfold (check it out!  http://www.sixfold.org ) and writing new poems  when  they sneak up on me and demand to be written ;)

YOU can and should be submitting your poems to all the places you can.  I submitted a haiku to NASA for possible inclusion in the next trip to Mars.  I would have missed this opportunity had I not been reading my Twitter feed that morning.  You don’t have to be on Twitter to find places to submit your poems. Just doing a basic Google search for “poetry submissions” will give you a LOT of places to explore. Get  connected to other writers, read their blogs, read A LOT!

The point is, put your words out there!  I used to hide my poems in journals but I really wanted other people to read them, so I submitted to a bunch of places. Two (2) magazines declined my submissions and that got me down, then a different magazine accepted one poem of mine (in a submission of two poems ) Don’t take rejections and declines personally, which is easier said than done. Magazines get LOTS of submissions. They have to read every one of them.  One piece of great advice these magazines share is read a copy of the magazine or journal you are submitting to, see what kind of poetry THEY like.  Also read submission guidelines carefully.  I always submit my poems first to magazines and journals that are “female focused” and are looking to publish women writers.  I have seen magazines seeking poems from men over the age of 50, people from specific areas of the country, specific ethnic groups, etc., etc.

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