Why I Write

I write because I want to “do something” with people, places and experiences I want to remember.

Recently, my best friend showed me a park that is very secluded and peaceful.  I wrote a haiku about it and sent it to her cellphone;.

I write because I feel compelled to. Need to. I once took my journal to a bar with my a group of friends. It has been commented that I always have a book or journal with me,  Remember  in high school that girl that wore all black and sat in the back, scribbling away?  Yep, that was me. The difference now is I wear different colors.

Awhile back, I got very discouraged because none of my submissions were accepted and the contests I had entered had not had successful outcomes (loss and lack of communication).   Then one online literary journal published one of my poems. I also got some words of encouragement from a writer friend of mine and felt better.

It is normal to feel discouraged.  It sucks to feel discouraged.  I can be your cheerleader 🙂

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