Guess what I did last night?


I went to this and read some of my own poems (which I cannot post here as some places I have submitted to say that posting a poem on your own website is considered “previously published”) 😛  I will figure out how to let you read them  plus one by Dorothy Parker.

I read Midas Touch, Subtle Mojo, Alchemy, Subject To Change, Uncertain Embers and News Item by Dorothy Parker

News Item by Dorothy Parker

Men rarely make passes

At girls who wear glasses

It was a small crowd at the local college, in the pub and cafe, hosted by the  Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. A big thank you to Christopher Burns, president of Sigma Tau Delta for his energy, enthusiasm and obvious love of poetry for putting this on.  It was a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere.There were great original poems and some by established poets I had never heard before (my favorite was I think called “Storm”, love the rhyme scheme!)  I hope these readings are continued in the future!

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