I write starkly of fear…. :) (I’m at the bottom of this newsletter :)

Dear All,
January has been an active month, as you can see below.
– Finally – for those of you who prefer to read ebooks – I am pleased to announce that the kindle version of the anthology is now available. You can download it at:
http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3KZAEU or
(The price has gone down slightly since it first appeared a couple of days ago.)
– If you  haven’t bought the print edition yet, or would like to buy more copies, you can do so at:
https://www.createspace.com/4372377, and at other online stores such as Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, etc.
– If you did buy the print version via Amazon and would also like the kindle one, Amazon offer a good deal at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I3KZAEU.
– There is a great new review of the anthology by Lenora, at Author Ingrid Hall’s blog.

The Writer’s Drawer and Indie and Proud

– As those of you who have tried will know, writing short stories is a real art and quite difficult to master. As part of their ongoing cooperation, The Writer’s Drawer and Indie and Proud are holding a Short Story Competition. The deadline for original entries is 31 March 2014 and there are several prizes for the winning story. You can check out all the details at http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/short-story-competition.html. You are all invited to enter!

For the first submission, see the Short Story section below.

 Indie and Proud initiator Ingrid Hall is running a Poetry Competition, based on the theme of Friendship. There is a cash prize for the winner. For details, see http://www.ingridhall.com/, and check out the Facebook page 2014 Year of the Friend.

– My article From Drawer to Website: The Birth of an Anthology was posted at the blog of Indie and Proud participant JD Miller – Lady of Kaos.


Editing Service
As many of you know, I provide a free editing service for submissions to

The Writer’s Drawer. However, I also offer a limited (I am selective in what I accept) editing service “outside the drawer.” If you have an article, essay, short story or novella that you would like edited, please contact me for rates and other details.

January Updates

We received some wonderful guest blogs from contributors to The Writer’s Drawer anthology. I asked them not to write a straight profile but to provide a special glimpse into some aspect of their lives.
– Susan Rodgers, author of the acclaimed title story in A Certain Kind of Freedom, writes of beautiful Prince Edward Island in Canada where she lives and works. If, as a child, you loved  Anne of Green Gables and its sequels, you will recall that Prince Edward Island was Anne’s home, too.
– Robert  Walton (USA), author of another highly praised story in the anthology, was a teacher for many years. He quotes a moving essay written by one of his students and explains why he always keeps it close to him.
– Ruthie Segal (UK/France) tells us how she came to grow up with poetry from a very early age and gives those interested in writing poetry some important advice.
– Bryan Clark, whose Story from Life, has been praised by several reviewers, has had several near-death experiences during his life in the Australian outback. He describes one of them when he was living among some Aboriginal tribes.
– Anne Hosansky (USA) describes her long and circuitous route to becoming a writer and reveals how many times her first short story was rejected before it was eventually accepted.
More guest blogs from contributors are expected in February. Contributors, it is not too late to notify me if you’d like to submit one.
– Valeri Beers (USA) writes starkly of fear in her poem Dress Up.
– In Crossing AmericaHeather Walker (England) vividly recalls a scene in a late-night diner in post-9/11 America.
Short Story
– A clothing store in the 1930s that grows in parallel with the relationship between owner and employee. Enjoy the first entry in the Short Story Competition, Mann’s Clothing Store by Timothy L. Rodriguez (USA).
– Sowmeni Menon (India/Dubai) is given a highly desirable birthday gift. So why is she so dismayed?
– Sommeni also gives a most revealing, and humorous, insight into her arranged marriage, in Like Chalk and Cheese.
– In his usual personal and erudite way, Bob Maram (USA/Netherlands) reviews a new biography of controversial writer Vladimir Nabakov

Until next month. best wishes –

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