Poem In Your Pocket day and technology……..I will drag you kicking and screaming into the future! :)

I think poetry could really reach out and set people on fire with new eyes if connected with technology. Sending poems via text messages could expand the weird and wonderful world of poetry. I also think that poems via text on a phone
in your pocket counts as a poem in your pocket. Nothing beats good old paper, but everything else is going electronic and online, why not PIYP

I use Facebook (FB) to share poems, links to poems, literary magazines and my sites.  This year I will again send poems out with it 🙂

I use
Twitter to connect with other poets, writers and editors. 

FB and Twitter are on the internet, which coincidentally so is THIS site  😉
So is your email account, you could email someone a poem, you could leave a voicemail message reciting a poem.
Use paper whenever you can. If you can’t, use technology


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