Poem in Your Pocket day is tomorrow!

Tomorrow Is Poem in Your Pocket Day


Poem in Your Pocket Day is one of our favorite events during National Poetry Month. On this day, millions of people throughout the United States will carry poems in their pockets and share them with others.


Here’s how you can participate…

Pick Your Poem


Find the perfect poem to share in our new packet of public domain poems, prepared especially for this year’s celebration.

Encourage Others to Participate


Help spread the word about Poem in Your Pocket Day on social media by using the hashtag #pocketpoem.


Tweet the name of the poem you’ll be carrying to @POETSorg using #pocketpoem for a chance to win a copy of Jon J. Muth’s children’s poetry book Hi, Koo! courtesy of our friends at Scholastic.


(from the Academy of American Poets newsletter)

I am going to be putting my own poems in used bookstores in my local area.  Then the person behind the counter can ask the person buying a book if they have a poem in their pocket and if not….voila!  they can take one of mine! 🙂  I will also be sending poems to friends via text message on their phones (which are in their pockets anyway).  Even my 7 year old is going to be carrying a dragon haiku I wrote for her.  Think about who you could encourage to carry a poem in their pocket tomorrow.

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