I’m glad a poem a day is a challenge and it’s not just me!

from Bruce Niedt at bniedt.blogspot.com: I started to feel like I was running out of steam, and the last couple of days I struggled to write something decent before the day was out. Still, I think I cranked out a half-decent villanelle yesterday. Also, I haven’t exceeded the minimum requirement, as I haven’t written more than one poem a day – most years I write at least a few extra. One of my poet friends has already written over 70.


I have felt like I was running out of steam as well these last few days. I also have struggled to write a poem I was happy with (these poems have all been rough drafts) And I have to confess: while I post the poetry prompts on here, I don’t always use the prompt I posted if they don’t “speak to me” and I search for another prompt.  

Check out this poem by Bruce Niedt titled To Whomever Left The Empty Ice Cube Tray In The Freezer.

I can think of nothing more useless, 
other than you.
Here’s how I will get my revenge:

I will leave an empty box 
in the cupboard when I finish 
the last piece of your favorite snack.

I will leave all your socks without mates 
when they come out of the laundry.

I will leave the toilet seat up
every single time (if you are female). 

I will leave all the dirty dishes for you
whether you cooked dinner or not.

I will leave your DVD out of the box
when I take it out of the player
and replace it with the one I want to watch.

I will leave the radio tuned 
to your least favorite station
whenever I borrow your car.
I will leave almost no gas in it, too.

I will leave your life in chaos when I – 
wait a minute. 
Maybe I was the one who left that tray. 
I guess we should buy a new fridge 
with an ice maker


For more information and fantastic poems, go to:


This is a great poem 🙂  It seems all put together and polished. Bruce laments that he hasn’t written more than one poem a day and that one of his poet friends has already written over 70 poems!  I feel the same way!  That kind of prolificness  always amazes me and puts doubts in my mind: maybe you aren’t a REAL poet, you don’t write enough…..creativity on demand is hard for you…why can’t you write anything else?  

A poem a day IS a challenge, creativity on demand IS hard…I think it is a good challenge, though.  It takes me out of my “comfort zone” for writing.  I try different styles, write about things I wouldn’t have thought of myself. 


Do YOU think a poem a day is challenging?  Are you running out of steam?  Do YOU struggle?

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