a review of …details… from Frank Esposito at Poetry Pasta

Valeri Beers has a unique talent for capturing life. But what is most wonderful in her writing is her ability to take us effortlessly along into her journey. Like Alice, these poems etched by Valeri, bring us wondrously through her own glass into an experience that is totally unexpected.
  We see what she feels, what she holds dear, what she calls us to hear, to the moment it happens. She is not shy in her writing only sparse, her poems inviting us into a space never cluttered, always generous, so we have room to fill in the edges with our own fears and desires. She is not hesitant to share the shocks and whispers, cries and longings of her own humanity. Soon we find ourselves like a bird perched on a branch looking into a garden, pondering, bobbing our heads, at what oddly different beings are like, and thinking now I understand.
  Sometimes a steadfast fist, other times a slacking wrist, her prose rallies us almost magically into insights and epiphanies. We become like her, watchers through a screen door.

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