The Hemingwrite – a MODERN typewriter!


This hasn’t been released yet, I want one 🙂  When I type on my computer I *do* get distracted.

A modern day twist on the typewriter helps people craft prose without the risk of being distracted by social media and other apps like Facebook, Twitter, checking your email or playing games.


About the Hemingwrite:

“The Hemingwrite is-a single purpose, distraction-free writing composition device. It combines the simplicity of a 90s era word processor with the modern tech we all require like cloud backups and integration into our favorite document editors like Google docs and Evernote.”


  • 6+ week projected battery life – Pull a Thoreau and take the Hemingwrite to your off-the-grid cabin in the woods
  • 1 million+ page memory – Never worry about having to delete old documents
  • Best typing experience with the highest quality mechanical keyboard switches – remember those old keyboards with great tactile feedback? This is like that but better.
  • Daylight readable, high contrast screen with backlight for writing indoors, outdoors in the daytime or at night
  • Syncs with your favorite cloud apps like Evernote and Google Docs so you can review and edit your documents later
  • Beautiful retro-modern design with built-in handle for easy portability


Writing is hard, really hard! For most of us that haven’t written anything since high school, we don’t have the ability to write elegant prose. We need all the help we can get!

The Hemingwrite is designed to aid both the new and established writer by providing a robust writing tool that completely removes all distraction from our daily connected lives. Wifi connectivity has been included to sync to the cloud but without a browser or email client there will be no playing angry birds or checking email. The Hemingwrite is designed for one thing and one thing only: putting words on a page.

Sit down and just write

Interest in writing is at an all time high. The maturation of blogging and the ability to self-publish with greater ease than ever before has put writing on the minds of many non-writers. More and more people are discovering that writing is the outlet they have been looking for but can’t seem to find the way to get words on the page.

The diligent have discovered the myriad of software tools out there to help us write. Tools like Momentum Writer and IAwriter have been downloaded millions of times and are great at removing distraction but they still don’t provide the pure experience of a typewriter.

The Hemingwrite provides the distraction free environment people crave while also giving them a familiar keyboard and a robust digital experience. People don’t have to fuss with ribbons, jammed hammers or spilling coffee on their manuscript anymore. The Hemingwrite will help you put words on a page better than any other tool ever made. And with constant backups to the cloud, you never have to worry about losing your work.

Technical Specs*

  • 6″ E Ink screen
  • Die-cast aluminum case
  • Instant On
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Mechanical keyboard with customizable Cherry MX switches
  • Evernote and Google Docs API integration for constant backups
  • Wifi and Bluetooth LE
  • Approximately 4lbs
  • 8″ L x 10″ W x 2.5″ H

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