Writing Is So Difficult – by Sasha on her couch

Monday October 13,2014
5 minutes
A quote by Jessamyn West

Writing is so difficult
Writing smells like burnt toast
Writing is messy and ugly and breakable
Writing makes me scream
Writing hugs me
Writing disgusts me
Writing is my tide
My moon
My “other” man
Writing tastes like burnt coffee
(Burning seems to be a theme)
Writing is the fire in my belly
Writing is home
Writing is my architecture
My party
My drug
My (good) bad habit
Writing is terrible
Writing is lonely
Writing is freedom
Writing is sisterhood
Writing is the dog bone (over-chewed, on the floor of the kitchen)
Writing is my legacy
Writing is my birthday
Writing is my death
Writing is never and always
Writing is water
Water is flowing
Writing is flowing
Writing is a best friend
A sister
Writing is the chandelier crashing to the floor
The lone monk on the highest mountain


from http://thesefiveminutes.com – I LOVE this site 😀

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