Friday poetry prompt

Yesterday was Christmas for those who celebrate.  There was also Hanukah.  And today is the first day of Kwaanza, until January 1.

For today’s poetry prompt, write a poem about a favorite present received or a present you can’t wait for someone to get from you.



This Droid was MY favorite present, it lets me take pictures and videos, send them to various places, play MY music via a TINY micro SD card and uses WiFi 🙂  This is kinda a big deal to me.

I wrote a poem about my old Droid, which was not as good as the new one, back in April 2014 (as a poetry prompt:

Green by Valeri Beers

Heavy rectangle
my palm

Red light

to you

you give
me the
green light
I will
to feign

2 thoughts on “Friday poetry prompt

  1. Hi Valerie, Compliments of the season!

    Here are two short random poems I created over the holidays. What do you think?


    WORTH GIVING Gertrude de Souza December 2014

    Thinking I was ‘giving’ life to my babies, They have given ME life, for they make my life worth living.

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