The Christmas Police by Frank Esposito & Valeri Beers

I had fun writing this 🙂


My (Valeri) Christmas tree has flashing red and blue lights on it…reminds you of a cop car from behind pulling you over.  Frank and I were talking online and I told him about my tree and we collaborated together on this poem:

The Christmas Police

The Christmas tree speeds like a fast car down the highway.
Its lights of red and blue flame through the night.
The Christmas police are pulling me over.
“Did you know you don’t have enough Christmas spirit, ma’am?”
I got a ticket for
not blaring Christmas music
not having my car stuffed with brightly wrapped presents
not having antlers & red nose on my car
half assed decorating
not enough baking
not enough cards

green bean casserole
rattling & tinkling
in the
way back
fashionably late
all the
Christmas things.

little white lies
no thank you
thank you

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