Poetry Prompt #19

Poetry Prompt: Write a haiku about ANY subject


I think haikus are the easiest poems to write. I talked one of the Juniors in Violet’s Girl Scout troop about haikus.  I told her all you have to think about is what you’re going to write about, then it’s just 5-7-5. They’re very short and the reader gets the picture of what you are trying to show them. I like haikus because they only “scratch the surface”.  If you’re like me, I can get lost in long poems that tell you about this and this and this.  I’ve written haikus about all the seasons, the weather, hamsters, memories, Sherlock Holmes, celebrities, my birthday, etc etc.

here’s my haiku about our second hamster:

Hamster Haiku #2

By Valeri Beers

Not a replacement

your own personality

a little skittish

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