Friday poetry prompt

Poetry Prompt: Write a poem about a vacation you have taken, good or bad

Here’s a poem I wrote about going on vacation (the vacation was good)

No Fear of Flying (the Xanax poem)

by Valeri Beers
Clouds are floating cotton
cars look like twinkling colored bits of glass
as we glide by
(I know the Xanax is working)
and I stare at the earth below
a tiny looking plane is
below us going the other way
(tiny….it could be as big as
this MD80)
cloud cover so thick it’s like
a forever mattress
sometimes we fly thru it
white out —-  turbulence
boats look like tiny bath
with my wings behind me
I fly
Buildings are blocks
stacked up
so neat
carpeting of trees to break our fall
(did I say that? the Xanax is working)
Monopoly hotels
toy boats (a little bigger now) dot the
calm water
I even watched us land

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