FREE poetry today for 24 hours :)

The Great Poetry E Book Free For All! (click here)


My book, …details…. is available for FREE 🙂  these poetry books are all PDFs 🙂

49 E-books (pdfs) available for FREE download 🙂

Poets including:

Marianne Slzyk
Joan McNerney
Valeri Beers
Rick Lupert
Martin Willits Jr.
Hillary Lion
I.B. Rad
David Chorlton
Sari Krosinsky
Carol Shilibeer
Dean Miller
Jim Babwe
Ron Singer
Bob Cooper
Samatha Terrell
Bruce Taylor
Babru Samal
Don Kingfisher Campbell
Katie Lawington
Jim Bennett
Barbara Phillips
David Feela
Chas Stramash
Scott Wannberg
LB Sedlacek
Rosalind Lee
Melodic Rose
Scott Ferry
F.J. Bergmann
Rie Sheridan Rose
Bill Yarrow
D.L. Lang
Cheryl Snell
Christopher Fuqua
J. H. Johns
John Sweet
Richard Rensberry
A.V. Santhohkumar
Dan Fitzgerald

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