SATURDAY Poetry Prompt

Again, I apologize for the lateness of this prompt, this annoying thing called LIFE demanded my attention (errands, threats of Nor’Easters,work stuff, etc, etc)


Poetry Prompt:  “years ago”

(You DO NOT have to include those two words in your poem)

here’s a poem in progress from this prompt:

It was
years ago
it was



One thought on “SATURDAY Poetry Prompt

  1. a poem about this prompt by the prolific poetress, Rita Marie Recine :

    Mama and me

    As I lay awake at night i reminisce upon yesterday , so long ago.

    when i was very young ..

    The words that come to mind are the ones my mama said

    Life is tough, life is rough you need to pave your way.

    Life is tough, let it be it will get better you will see.

    No need to fear, no need for tears…My words are what you need to hear

    for mama said “child don’t you cry..

    As the years go by a child of yours may come your way.

    You guide it , you nurture it, you teach it to pray.

    so long ago, i still hear her echo, her words…

    today , when I shed a tear,,, mama’s words are what i hear.

    “Little child don’t you cry.

    look up at the stars and reach for the sky.

    Now i am older and look at whom I have become.

    I realize and understand where my strength comes from

    The echos of long ago.. remain refrain

    Everyytime I shed tear , mama’s words are what I hear ..

    Her face is what I see

    this is what makes me be me.

    Standing strong and free.

    My mama and me

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