An apology

I have not updated this page with any new poetry since summer of last year.

I am still paying poetic attention. It’s Black History month, read some Maya Angelou or Langston Hughes.  There might be posts here for Women’s History month (that it is in MARCH does not escape me).

Check out the Poetry Pasta Facebook page for calls for submissions, poetry and writing cartoons, articles and pictures.You are always welcome to post your poems on our FB page

Stay tuned … 🙂



2 thoughts on “An apology

  1. hi valeri no worries… we do all that we can.. i posted my previous poem the voice of freedom,, it is now revisited..

    i have not written much as well… life is happening… i will begin in the near future i hope,, are u still considering the manuscript with create space .let me know because i have apublisher from montreal who would like o see my work.. does not mean i will be accepted hahahahah

    no problems have awonderful weekend friend

    say hello to violet, her little kitten and your husband dean



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