The Peril of the Poetry Reading: The Page Versus the Performance

I’ve been watching a lot of Neil Hilborn on Youtube and wishing I could read and perform like him!

I am not a good public reader/speaker at all, I get nervous, I play with my hair, touch my face, make weird facial expressions, my train of thought gets derailed and I say “um” a lot, but I still like poetry readings and go to them when I  can.  I’ve always thought my poems were better on the page, because that is where I do all the hard work for them 😉  I think reading your poems out loud is a good thing though.  Reading your poems let’s other people hear and think about them. If you’re shy (or a control freak like me), why not make a video of you reading one of your own poems, put it on your page (or send it me if you feel daring, I PROMISE not to point and laugh!) 


The Peril of the Poetry Reading – link to excellent article!