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Tomorrow (7/23) is my birthday and I want to give YOU a present 🙂


July 23rd, July 24th and July 25th,  my poetry book will be a FREE download from Amazon)  (you can click on the cover of my book to go to Amazon and my book directly.)

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Friday Poetry Prompt

Good morning!

It snowed overnight and is snowing now 🙂  a few inches of accumulation.

Your prompt this morning is NOT snow (it almost was though, since that is all I could see while I was driving)

The poetry prompt for today is PICTURE or PHOTOGRAPH. You could write a poem about a picture that you have, a photograph you took (or someone else took) or a picture in a magazine that has stayed with you.


Here’s my poem about a photograph that my best friend took years ago.

Subject To Change

You pictured
my sadness
your kitchen 
black & white

Faded fearful
Even though
white balance
is off
you think



"Subject to Change" is in my poetry book ...details... which is available as an e-book or 
print book :)

white cover-225x300