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Marianne Slzyk
Joan McNerney
Valeri Beers
Rick Lupert
Martin Willits Jr.
Hillary Lion
I.B. Rad
David Chorlton
Sari Krosinsky
Carol Shilibeer
Dean Miller
Jim Babwe
Ron Singer
Bob Cooper
Samatha Terrell
Bruce Taylor
Babru Samal
Don Kingfisher Campbell
Katie Lawington
Jim Bennett
Barbara Phillips
David Feela
Chas Stramash
Scott Wannberg
LB Sedlacek
Rosalind Lee
Melodic Rose
Scott Ferry
F.J. Bergmann
Rie Sheridan Rose
Bill Yarrow
D.L. Lang
Cheryl Snell
Christopher Fuqua
J. H. Johns
John Sweet
Richard Rensberry
A.V. Santhohkumar
Dan Fitzgerald

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E-Books In So Far:

A Butterfly Mechanical: 12 SciFi Haikus by Hillary Lyon
rumination of sparks / between mind and machine / the future is now

Can You See Jesus In This Picture? by I.B. Rad
E-booklet contains four anti-war poems and one illustration. Titles of e-booklet and illustration are the same.

A Change in the Weather by David Chorlton
A chapbook of poems drawing on observations from Phoenix, including people seen on the downtown streets and events around the house.

Courting Hunger by Sari Krosinsky
Through fictionalized autobiography, “Courting Hunger” explores love, family, friendship, identity, sex, drugs, rock & roll, sickness & health.

…details… by Valeri Beers
Maine poet Valeri Beers debut collection, …details…, became a top-ten seller on Amazon on its first day. She has been published in print and online literary magazines including Zest and Far Away literary magazines, The Writer’s Drawer, Kumquat Poetry, and Contemporary Poetry – An Anthology of Best Present Day Poems.

Don’t Blame Canada
New and selected poems from late 2014 through 2015 from Rick Lupert including poems from the forthcoming collection “Romancing the Blarney Stone”.

Extra Wind by Jim Babwe
Out of the cradle, flagrantly mocking self-appointed Wordiness and Redundancy Police, Extra Wind is proof that there is no such thing as too much time on anyone’s hands. In fact, there is never enough. Sixteen more words in this space will equal almost fifty words, but not quite fifty.

From a Small Fish in the Floating World by Ron Singer
Ukiyo, or the floating world, was the term used to describe the milieu of urban hedonism ( i.e. the Tokyo red-light district) during the Edo period (1600-1867). This collection encapsulates the efforts of my wife, Elizabeth Yamin, and me to climb out of the art and writing underworlds. or

A God’s Life by Sari Krosinsky
An exiled spy god could make a nice life working at a queer video store in Washington Heights … if he could just stop falling in love with these doomed mortals.

Honesty, An Omnibus of Chapbooks by Samantha Terrell
Thank you for your interest in my work! This omnibus of personal chapbooks is presented with omissions of select poems, currently under consideration for publish elsewhere. Previous publishes are marked as such, with gratitude to their respective editors.

In Search of Magnificence by Babru Samal
The theme of the collection of these poems is to experience magnificence in our mundane life by changing the way we look at things. Life offers us a plethora of physical and emotional stimuli to enrich our moments. The minutes of these moments make the body of this collection.

Just : a sign of the times by Katie Lewington
A light hearted collection of poems in lessons of love, depression and relationships.Exploring the stories of strangers in words.

Life And Death In The Garden Of Love by Barbara Phillips
Musings on mortals and mortal events in life’s turmoil.

Little Acres by David Feela
A chapbook, GMO free, homegrown: dirt, cows, birds, trees, and a few flowers, mixed with rain and snow, composted and reconstituted as poems.

Love Poems for Michael by Joan McNerney
Love is one of those things “you know it when you have it”. Explore love in New York City and the New England countryside. Northern love is hot…it has to be.

Making a Show of Myself (2015) by Jim Bennett
Each year I put together a group of poems that I use in readings. It changes annually and this e-book is the selection, with some notes, that I have used through 2015.

Muse in Miniature by Joan McNerney
As William Blake said “To see the world in a grain of sand”, we must capture our small moments. This is my haiku folio of four seasons.

Re-visited by Rosalind Lee
This book re-visited the poetry of my childhood which was quite successful – in the new way that I write now as an adult. I hope you enjoy!

The Sanctity Of Light by Melodic Rose
The Sanctity of life, is a compilation of visual poetry and verse. It is a dialogue that segues itself through the complexity of race and spirituality. Featuring an excerpt from my Poetry collection “Ephemorphosis” ( which Will be released in 2016 by Prolific Press )

Sincere Pretending / Don’t Shake the Baby by Scott Ferry
Two Chapbooks about moving, parenthood, and catharsis on a Tuesday with irregular bodily functions from Scott Ferry.

38 Poems Under 100 Words by Bill Yarrow
Thirty-eight previously-published poems by Bill Yarrow all under one hundred words. These poems appear in Pointed Sentences (BlazeVOX 2012), Incompetent Translations and Inept Haiku (Cervena Barva Press 2013), The Lice of Christ (MadHat Press 2014), and Blasphemer (Lit Fest Press 2015 ).

Straying from the Path by Rie Sheridan Rose
A collection of thirteen poems based on the old fairy tales and illustrated by Donna Minshew.

3×5: Poetry, Not Plywood by D.L. Lang
15 poems from the inspirational to the political to the absurd excerpted from previous books. Extra-free bonus: The poet in a penguin mask.

Twelve Poems by Cheryl Snell
A sampler of free verse narratives that move back and forth in time, observing how we live now.

when the moon is new by Joan McNerney
Surrealism with a heart. Jump up to the moon with me.

White Trash & Southern ~ Collected Poetry (Excerpt) by Christopher Fuqua
This excerpt eBook features 22 poems from the full book of 232 poems, 232 stories of life, from birth to death, domestic bliss to domestic violence, political stupidity to flatulent bus travelers, celebration, mourning, joy, sadness.

Witches, Gypsies and Wolves by J. H. Johns
“Witches, Gypsies and Wolves” is piece that depicts the world from the perspective of a four-year-old, circa, 1951. It is a world that is dominated by three entities- the witches, the gypsies and the wolves.

Without Mercy, Without Grace by John Sweet
a continuous inward spiral and protracted explosion. the gift of remorse. an overcast and sun-smeared world of constantly eroding walls.

Woman Drive by A.V. Santhohkumar
A collection of very small poems (nano poems) which carry various themes

October by Valeri Beers


the trees
rusting & dying

the air
losing its
to my



down the road
I wonder
he is going

About this poem:  Gordon (Sumner) is also known as Sting. I was 
listening to his song "She's Too Good For Me" a lot when I wrote this.This poem is also in my book 

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