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Did you download …details…? You did? Yay! Thank you!  You got some very good poems! Would you do me a favor? Would you write a review for it? Thank you 🙂 You can click on this picture to go directly to the Amazon page.

As of right now (8:49 am 7/25/2015) …details… is:

#5,407 Free in Kindle store 🙂

#1 in Women’s and Contemporary poetry 😀  (wow!  thank you!)

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my poetry will be FREE :)

Tomorrow (7/23) is my birthday and I want to give YOU a present 🙂


July 23rd, July 24th and July 25th,  my poetry book will be a FREE download from Amazon)  (you can click on the cover of my book to go to Amazon and my book directly.)

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You can read my book on your Kindle or with the FREE Kindle Reading app for your iPad, computer or phone

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FREE poetry today (including one of mine) :)

lit today

Get a FREE e-copy of Literature Today, a poetry anthology, a good introduction to different types of poems and different poets.  My own poem “Flood” is included in this anthology.

According to the book description:

The first edition of LITERATURE TODAY presents a collection of wide range of poems and stories dealing with the theme of “Man/Woman & Nature”. Each poem and story is an epic in itself. Be a part of this rare blend of creativity and conscience. Read and enjoy the soul searching representative poems and stories of sixty seven authors.