I will be the guest poet on The Power of Poetics: A Salute to Women Poets on March 11 :)

The Power of Poetics Blogtalk Show Presents: A Salute to Women Poets! 03/04 by The DC Poetry Project | Entertainment Podcasts.

March is National Women’s History Month and to celebrate, the Power of Poetics BlogTalk Radio Show will salute the many women poets who shaped our world and changed the course of history through their works. These women lifted their voices through their words to fight for rights, to be free of discrimination and stereotypes, to break free from rules set forth by men, family, and society and to be themselves. Please join us every week to celebrate and to share poems that are old and new.   

Click the link up above to listen to the March 4th show!

Please listen to the show or share your thoughts about poems, women, women poets, my poems or read a poem by a woman YOU really like 🙂  I will be reading poems from my book   ….details… and maybe poems you haven’t heard 😉

The phone number is 646 716 8754.  

The way it works is, you can call the number and listen to the show through your phone (speakerphone maybe?)  or you can press “1” and participate in the show.

Friday poetry prompt

Next month, I’m going to be the guest on The Power of Poetics blogtalk show 🙂  You can hear a previous show here:


I’ve been thinking about this since I got the email earlier this week.  I encourage all the readers and lurkers here to call into a poetry show.  You can just listen or you could read a poem 🙂  There’s no magic here. Just persistence, submitting and putting your words out there, which can be scary, but ultimately could be a good thing.

FRIDAY POETRY PROMPT:  Write a poem about a memorable telephone call you made or received.