Friday poetry prompt

March is Women’s History month 🙂  I’ve been thinking all week about the women who came before me and blazed a trail.   Who is the original historic women?  Moms!

Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother


Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is  one of my favorite TV moms 🙂


it’s only because we love you 🙂  I had a t-shirt that said Because I Said So


such a good kitty Mom 🙂


FRIDAY POETRY PROMPT: Write a poem about a Mom..  Could be your Mom, could be a TV mom, could be someone else’s Mom, an animal  Mom, etc.  



Here’s a poem I wr0te for my Mom years ago


For Mom

by Valeri Beers
miss you.

no forwarding address
to send
a Mother’s Day card.

phone number.
answering machine.

have many
for you
can only
leave them
on the ground.

Poems for Women’s History Month

Poems for Women’s History Month
The Academy of American Poets was founded eighty years ago by a visionary woman, twenty-three year old Marie Bullock. In honor of her and all women, here’s a roundup of poems to celebrate Women’s History Month.


“Duality” by Tina Chang
“Fifty-Three” by Eileen Myles 
“Diving into the Wreck” by Adrienne Rich
“Duende” by Tracy K. Smith
“Stanzas in Meditation” by Gertrude Stein 
“Lady Tactics” by Anne Waldman