Call for submissions

Hello 🙂
it’s Valeri Beers 🙂 This year I am going to be edititing an
anthology of poems about inanimate objects that you see every day.
For example: your toothbrush, hairbrush, mouse on your computer,
coffee mug, keys, deodorant, bathrobe, etc.

Here is my example poem, titled 7 Minutes, about the snooze button
on my alarm clock:

7 Minutes
by Valeri Beers

snooze button
you are
are my
only friend
5:30 am
unaware unkind
tucked up
rolled up
quilts & pillows

The title of the anthology will be Everyday Visions. If you have any
questions, feel free to email me, find me on Facebook or talk to me on Twitter.

Also there is NO TIME LIMIT for submissions. I will let you know when submissions are wrapping up. This is NOT a do it now thing.


Call for submissions!

Kind of a Hurricane Press still needs your submissions for its upcoming anthology!
Just A Touch of Saccharine
                   Theme:  Candy
                   Deadline:  May 31, 2014
*Please note, as there has been some recent confusion regarding this: the titles of the anthologies and the themes are not one in the same.  The theme of the poem/prose pieces submitted do not need to reflect the title of the anthologies (in fact, we would prefer they do not), only the theme as listed below the title..
For details check out the guidelines page:  Here!
While you’re there, be sure to download a free e-copy of our latest anthology, Something’s Brewing, from our bookstore Here!