Memorial Day by Valeri Beers

Memorial Day
by Valeri Beers

All gave some
Some gave all
Just take a moment & remember
When you’re having a ball

For the price they
were willing to pay
you don’t have to
go to work or school today

I don’t want to be
a downer at your barbecue
or make you feel guilty about your
long weekend plan
Just take a moment & remember
why you can







Heaven must be rockin out tonight – A tribute to Janis Joplin by Rita Marie Recine


Driving in her Mercedes Benz
Nothing left to lose.
Smoking a cigarette, smiling.
The young Janis had found her way.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight
A tribute to Janis Joplin

A star was born.
A native of Texas .. so long ago
The 60s the 70s

She takes center stage.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight.

The band must be great
You got legends Janis, BB, Jimi and maybe even Bobby McGee.

Flower child …. Girl power.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight
Known as Pearl among her friends
moving rocking doing her thing
amidst her storms ,
the sun does shine
her voice leaves an echo , shouting..
She was called weird .. I say different….
I say soulful , I say special …
Heaven must be rockin’ out today

The bravado of her voice can be heard for miles.
Rage of light, in the starry night.

her own person, artistry a tapestry
She was taunted as a child music was her medicine.
Removed the pain offered gain.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

You were the legend who never slept, flower child.
Appeared so wild, yet so mild..
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

Her only number one hit was Me and Bobby McGee..

I wonder what happened to old Bobby McGee..
When we hear this song we think of Janis Joplin.
Artistry, a legend a tapestry.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

She sang for the world admired by all …
went home alone.
Many thought she was weird ..
she was different.

A child so misunderstood,
Woodstock, soulful, flower child
she fought , struggled with all her might .
She gained , was pained.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

No one did see
The young girl from Texas.
Her heart bled ..tears were shed .
Her songs say it all, happy sad, joyful or not.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

With flowers in her hair ……not having any cares.
San Francisco to Texas ..
she travelled about
she sang and sang .
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

Her guitar strumming to the music
where was I in the 60s and 70s?
A young child…. Wish I was there?.
A wonder .. people gave out and applaud,
shouted from the top of the monument until sundown

You were perfect and so young..young Janis

Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

Your natural life was tragically taken away.
Little girl of Texas , you did not lose your fight.
You’re perfect after all,
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

Seemed wild
were so mild.
You achieved much in your young life.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

You left an imprint in people’s lives
Yesterday and today
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

One more time before the storm she sang her last song.
Heaven must be rocking out tonight
That fretful day,
oh so young,
a legend was taken away.
Heaven must be rockin’ out tonight

janis again


I love this poem by Rita Marie Recine 🙂  I love Janis Joplin 🙂


A Memorial Day poem


T-shirt and purse of the day

I want to share with you a very apropos and thought provoking poem by Donal Mahoney, titled “Veterans Cemetary”

Veterans Cemetary

by Donal Mahoney

Families come
on Memorial Day
depending on the weather;
otherwise the Fourth of July,
if it’s not too hot.
You can hear them coming,
adults in the rear,
reminiscing and talking,
children who can read
announcing the names
on the stones until they
discover the right one.
Then they shout.
Adults bring flowers,
placing them softly
in front of the stones
near our heads.
Children stick little
flags from parades
in our waistlines.
Some ladies bring towels
and wipe down the stones;
others towelettes to remove
gunk from the lettering.
All mean well and we
appreciate the visit and wish
we could say something.
It’s a thrill to hear voices.
Otherwise it’s lawn mowers,
leaf blowers, snow plows
the rest of the year.

For Violet – by Kevin T. Poet For Hire


violet with the pink

balloon, how your hair

is cut straight across your forehead

& how i remember once

had straight-banged peers

missing tooth grins

some sort of monster under the bed fears

violet with the

pink balloon

may your hair grow straight & long

rhythms & subtleties of a private song.

for violet, bangor, ME 2013



This was at a festival in my city yesterday 🙂