Flood got 2nd place in the 30 For 30 Poetry Project :)

Thank You to everyone who voted for Flood and commented 🙂


May I have another Voted Favorite Poem

Steve Herring’s “May I have another” has been voted the favorite poem in this year’s 30 for 30 Poetry Celebration. Congratulations Steve! Steve will be receiving a signed copy of my new poetry collection Garden of Rain.

Thanks to Steve and to all who contributed poems during the month of April and to everyone who took the time to read and comment.

May I have another

by Steve Herring

This spring, I found a fault line in your poem,

but what I saw crumbling was me not you.

You said, enjambment’s good, keep going.

Kindly, you offered me synesthesia, but I end-stopped.

With great consonance, your persona winded up

and cold-cocked me like a batter bunting a ball.

I turned like Derek Jeter and rounded a constellation.

Knocked off my feet, I hit the ground like a quatrain.

Who else but me gets sucker punched in a poem?

© Steve Herring 2015

I would like to remind you of the Dennis Price show which some of us will be attending on May 12th   at 8 PM EST.  So far, it is me, MaryJo Balistreri  (via telephone) and Robert Giron.  The three Herndon Middle School winners will also be joining us.

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